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3D Design &


Level 3 Year 2

Level 4

This course delivers the essential career skills for a career in Architecture, Product Design or Interior Design, extending further into Industrial Design, Model making and CAD/CAM prototype development.

Core skills delivered are; Design cycle, Working with Scale and Dimension; Orthographic and Axonometric Plan and Projection, understanding and implementing ergonomic and anthropometric data, 1-2-3 Point Perspective, 2-Point Perspective from plan , 2D and 3D Rendering, Presentation skills and project management.

The UAL Level 4 programme in 3D Design offers a strong sector related emphasis on practical skills development, allowing you to obtain the required practical, technical and vocational knowledge to enable you to work as a competent practitioner in the design industry. The programme provides a thorough grounding in the key concepts of 3D Design, which is then extended further and tailored to your specialist pathway. This qualification allows for direct progression to employment or to a Design related degree programme