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This exhibition is about showcasing our students work to potential employers and those who are interested in the creative world.  This also allows new students attending our college next year to see the work students are doing during the course and the wide range of talent that we have. 
We would normally present this exhibition in a physical format where you can walk around and speak to the artists and creators themselves about their work but unfortunately we are not capable of doing that this year. We have therefore created this online website which is easy to navigate and will be used in the future to present our students work.

This exhibition shows our students projects throughout this academic year, whether that final piece be digital or hand rendered, we will display this to you! You can also view their social media page if you like their design and want to see more.

Any questions please feel free to contact us using the 'Contact Us' tab either at the top of the page if on desktop or the 'Contact Us' tab in the menu bar if on mobile.

Thank you! We hope you enjoy.