Alana Cowdery-Brewster

A Good Report Card


This is an A0 size piece with lino printing over layered décollage of GCSE past test papers.

The lino cut is a table I created by gathering different mental health statistics of people in education, transferring them into percentages and putting them through the UK GCSE grading system. For example, around 87% of people in education were reported to have symptoms of anxiety, which would be graded a 9 if this was the score on a GCSE paper.

I wanted to explore how the education system can result in sacrificing good mental health for better grades, and the fact that I recorded six different mental health issues throughout the education system and only one was low enough to fail proves that this is the case.

The colour scheme for the lino print was also supposed to mimic the classic red, green and black that is used to mark test papers. I showed many of my classmates this piece and most of them felt uncomfortable by the imagery of the test papers and colour scheme, proving the lasting effects of a cruel education system.