Level 1

Level 2

This is an introductory course aimed at learners who are new to the subject area and wish to explore a range of materials and techniques in a fun and creative manner.  

This is a taster course providing aspiring artists with the opportunity to explore many different media and associated techniques and develop skills in each area. Elements of painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture will be underpinned throughout by drawing skills and research activities

Level 3 Year 1

Level 3 Year 2

The Course is designed to give you the opportunity to explore a wide range of materials, techniques and processes, focusing on drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, textiles, surface decoration and four dimensional art. The course is supported by a series of educational visits to galleries and exhibitions so that you can experience the work you study at first hand which culminates in an overseas visit on the extended diploma to cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin or New York.

The 2nd year of the Extended Diploma course allows students to explore and further refine a chosen skill area of their choice. Such as painting, drawing, sculpture, photography or installation art.  Developing their portfolios for a career in their chosen skill area. Students will create and complete projects from their own themes/concepts/briefs in order to prepare for higher education or employment. 

Level 4

The level 4, Art Practice Foundation course allows students to further engage with their chosen specialism, refining their practice such as in painting, drawing, sculpture, or installation art. Developing a high level of contextual awareness/analysis of their specialism. Allowing skills to develop with the intentions of moving onto a degree programme or employment.