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Billy Yorke

Representing the Travelling Community



My exhibition piece is about things that represent the travelling community and images that show that. My final piece represents my grandad who is a Romany gypsy and this links to him because he own a gold chain with a pair of boxing gloves hanging on the chain.


The image of the boxing gloves to me represents my grandad as it represents fighting physically and mentally which I feel represents him extremely well. I’m very proud of my gypsy heritage and am surrounded with a lot of my family that are to and wanted to show that off in my exhibition piece. My final piece is a full coloured pencil realistic drawing of boxing gloves as I wanted the colour to be more vibrant instead of trying to draw them as a gold pendant. I wanted to represent my family within this piece as a lot of us have had to fight through tough times as a family but also enjoy the art of boxing and the respect of the sport that comes along with it. I had chosen this specific topic for my FMP because its one of the interesting things about my family as its our main part of our heritage and a lot of people do tend to ask a lot of questions about it. I constructed this piece by finding a photograph of a pair of boxing gloves that I wanted to draw and then had to use my head to transfer what the photo would like in colour as it was taken in black and grey. I want the viewer to understand that to a lot of people the fighting aspect that comes with the gypsy community doesn’t always mean a physical fight but a lot more to do with battling things mentally and having to put up with things such as discrimination as you grow up due to your background. 

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