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Bonnie Meagher

Bexleyheath Bus Garage



For my FMP, I decided to renovate the Bexleyheath Bus Garage. As someone who has lived behind the garage for twelve years, I can see that the building is tired, dull and dirty. The bus garage itself hasn’t changed since 1935 and stands out in the area.


For my project, I want to make the bus garage more environmentally friendly/energy efficient. With new electric buses and people trying to make a conscious effort to look after the environment, I thought it would be beneficial to try and include more energy efficient design solutions within this project. I wanted to keep sustainable materials in mind, and I got the staff’s opinions, as well as my neighbours, to see what changes the staff and local public wanted to see. I also dedicated some of my study to the surrounding outdoor area, by updating the car park for more electrical charging stations, by adding more colour and making the area look brighter and aesthetically pleasing.

For my Final idea, I took inspiration from Zaha Hadid’s Morpheus building. I thought the building's unusual façade looked like roots, which I thought would be interesting to use as I wanted my building to represent being “kind to nature”.