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Callum Murphy

My Family Mobile



This mobile that I have made is involving around my theme of Sanctuary.

The silhouettes hanging on the mobile are made of steel florist wire because this material is easier to bend the other wires, I cut some of the wire pieces using a pair of pliers and tied them together to form the shape of the silhouette. Then tied to some fishing wire to each individual silhouette and each one was attached to a long piece of wooden batten to keep them suspended in the air when they are hanging from the celling like a real mobile or on the wall like a shelf. They are shaped to look like me, my twin brother, and other members of my family because they are my Sanctuary.

My main inspiration to create my project came to me after I researched two artists named Alexander Calder and Frank Marino Baker. Alexander Calder inspired me to use a mobile in my project because I was interested to see him use something that was made for a baby and turn it into a work of art. Alexander Calder uses colour often in his own work, however I decided not to use it after a bit of testing.

Frank Marino Baker used a long length of steel wire to create all his wire sculptors and I used not so long steel wire, which had suited me better because it was easier to use and shape into a head then to use one long length of wire.