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Casey Gray

My Sanctuary



My project is about the theme of sanctuary; safe and comfortable places and how you feel when you’re in that particular place, like a bedroom but in my case; spending my time with animals and the wildlife is comforting. I based mine on wildlife and nature as it’s one of my favourite safe places where I feel at ease and free.


I had created mine in a realistic chipmunk drawing, and the other was different types of frogs in different positions on the page, followed with a watercoloured abstract background, to give the sense of fantasy and also gives a sense of present time. I used acrylic paint for background of my frame which present the chipmunk in it, I used the similar colours of the wildlife animals which I included in my pieces, from chipmunks to frogs. The materials I have used, was watercolours, gradient pencils to HB to 3B, Acrylic paint, paper, mounting board and a frame. The title of my final piece is called Woodlands Critters.