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Charlie King

My Family Pets



In my project, the theme was memories & fragments. I chose this specific topic within my theme because I wanted to share with others that looking into your family’s past is not always bad. I leant towards using my family as my work as I have a lot of memories of them and I can get an idea of who other family members who are dead from my dad’s stories, as I never got to meet them. Within my family I used only the pets that I know of, as I thought using pets would be better than using people from my family. I decided to make a weave of the pets and a single dry-point etching print on the side of it. the meaning behind my final piece is that I didn’t get to meet my dads’ dog and the things I have learnt about her over the past year while using my cat since she is the only pet I have ever owned. I want the viewer to learn and understand that the past can surprise you with many things like what your past family was like or what kind of pets they had, they will never know until they look into their past from this piece. I only want one viewpoint (the front) I don’t want too much lighting, just enough to see the photos.