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Cloe Beare

Home Sweet Made



My project is about my happy place which is the skatepark aka my sanctuary. I have created a series of sculptures and paintings of skateboards, skatepark etc  throughout this project to show my love for the skatepark. Some of the sculptures I made were 2 cardboard skateboards, a cardboard skatepark, 2 small paper books, several paintings of skateboards, line drawings of skateboards, several pictures and graffiti drawings.


I went to London with my friends during this project to take pictures of loads of graffiti around London which I found very fun! During this project I mostly did practical stuff like paintings and drawings and sculptures.


I have created a cardboard skateboard and a cardboard skateboard for my final piece because every project I've never made a sculpture for my final piece so I wanted to change it up this project. I used the following materials to create the skatepark and the skateboard: hot glue, cardboard, pva glue, duct tape, sellotape, masking tape, glue stick, paint, pencils, paper, ink and brushes.