Jack Hyde

Kemnal’s own scout hut 


My project is about redesigning Kemnal’s Own Scout Hut. Kemnal’s Own is our local Scout unit that we have been involved with for the past 10 years. I think it is time to redevelop and bring it up into the 21 Century. The building itself is very dated having originally been erected around 75 years ago, so it’s energy performance is very poor and costs the charity a lot of money to heat and illuminate.

I have completely re-designed the building from floor up, making sure it is energy efficient and eco friendly. The building will know have larger toilets including a leader toilet and a disabled toilet. The kitchen and offices will be increased in size. The building will be clad in Japanese charred wood, the roof will be an eco-friendly living roof, with solar panels included. This will help the unit save money, give the children a safe, modern space to enjoy their activities and last another 75 years.