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Ellie Gigg




My project is about distortion within portraiture. I have chosen this topic because I wanted to show my strengths in portraiture and realism for my last topic of college while also finding an understanding of what distortion is and what classes something as being distorted. I created this distorted self-portrait by starting off with taking a photoshoot of myself from different angles, pulling different facial expressions and photoshopping the images together in the style of a painting called ‘Tangle’ made by artist Jeff Huntington. I created this using Prismacolor Coloured pencils and using the grid method to sketch out the correct proportions of each section of my face on an A4 piece of white paper.


My aim when designing the layout and choosing which facial expressions I wanted within the artwork, was to capture a real understanding of the different emotions I wanted to show. The emotions in the drawing are all different however, they all link to a feeling of stress and sadness. I want the viewer of my artwork to look at my piece and instantly understand the emotion and feelings portrayed in this piece.