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Ellie Newman

Grief and Loss



In my project I looked at the theme grief and loss as it’s a subject that not really spoken about and I wanted to speak about it and spread some sort of awareness and I used words to show that, I wanted to show how I felt and dealt with grief and loss and how I dealt with it when I was going through it. I think it’s such and important subject because everyone goes through it in there lifetime and everyone copes with it differently so it was nice to show people how I dealt with it. I made a questionnaire to see peoples thought on the subject, the answer were pretty interesting. I made these text pieces with words that link to grief and loss to show people the emotions they might feel, I photographed them around the college in different places to show awareness. I think it’s very important for young adults in college to read it and take it in as it might help them with going through a hard time and for many of them it might be the first time them experiencing losing a loved one. I lost my dad at a young age so this is why I wanted to create a project on this topic to help others and spread the word. I created lots of test pieces that were texted based which lead me to create this for my final piece, I chose different words and quotes that linked to the theme and then I used a scalpel To cut out the words creating stencils to spray paint and once I had spray painted them all I mounted them on black card and when around the college and photographed them in different places as shown in the pictures above. 


I really enjoyed creating this piece and I hope that people looks  at it and see what it’s about straight away. I think that photographing it around the college was such a great idea and I feel as tho it made the piece look so much better. I just hope that it helps some people to get through loss and that it shows people that it’s okay to feel how they feel because they are going through a major hard time in there life. Grief and loss is a topic that should be spoken about more regularly and everyone should be able to speak out if I’m doubt.