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Erin O'Connor

Hotel Quarantine



Due to the current global pandemic, it is now a requirement to isolate for ten days when travelling between most countries. My intention for my FMP was to re-design the interior architecture for a ‘quarantine hotel’ situated near a London airport. My aim was to make the ten days of isolation as comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable as possible whilst still being effective and serving their purpose. The current quarantine hotels have been described as ‘like a prison’ and ‘packed with people’  
I focused on interior architecture and the design of the roof gardens. This is because there was way too many meeting points between each room, which defeats the point of quarantining and isolating. I focused on the roof gardens as when quarantining, you are allowed outside for a period of time whilst being supervised – the space’s provided by other quarantine hotels were not suitable and enjoyable, and quite often people just stand around in an empty car park. 
My design focused on making sure there was, less meeting points, including separate elevators and stairs for whether you were going up or down floors, and corridors that are 2 m wide allowing there to be enough space to social distance. Each room also had their own balcony, so they could still go outside after they have had their supervised time outside in one of the three roof gardens I designed.