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Ethan McCann

Mystic Beasts



The main theme of my work is ‘Home’, but I have gone in the direction of Egyptian mystic beasts, cat gods, based upon my own Sphynx cat. I have worked from photographs I have taken of her in many different poses and emotions, from asleep through to tearing up paper in a temper. My A1 drawings show this movement and her emotions, emphasising her eyes by adding colour to them. This created the impression that she is looking just at you, a little eerie. My sculpture of her is made from cardboard strips which emphasise the form and shape and is posed in the same way as the Egyptian Sphinx.

For viewers looking at my work, I want them to appreciate that animals have a history, that they have taken part in human history too. From ancient Egyptian gods, responsible for home, family life, through to my own family owning a modern-day god/sphinx.