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Isabella Smith

Central Park Project



My final design was created using research that I did so it was best suitable for the client and for the customers whilst fitting in with local themes of the park and worldwide issues being COVID-19. While researching Dartford Park they had a water park for kids and the cafe which was designed within the theme of the seaside. To carry on this theme, I showed in my Sketch up model that I used a beige colour tile to incorporate the sand from the beach. Furthermore, I also had to make it compatible for disabled people by using inclusive design which was stated in the brief. I did add many ramps up to the cafe and added an accessible toilet with a baby changing area.


Finally, I had to consider the current situation of COVID-19 by researching about the best ways to include natural ventilation is to use shapes such as H and T so I created my building in the shape of a H to encourage natural ventilation. Also, I added big automatic doors so that the door is not a high touch area. Also, by adding the roof top it is encouraging people to order bigger meals which would generate more money for the cafe, and it also ensures that if anything similar happened the cafe would be able to remain open. My design achieves the main criteria asked from the brief which are, inclusive design, Covid-19, and fitting into the theme of Dartford Park.

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