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Israel Hansen-Sackey

Young Adult



In this project my main theme was about childhood memories and me growing up, I chose this specific topic because it links to the FMP theme of memories and fragments, so I decided to dedicate this to my life and the memories I’ve had so far with friends and family.


This piece came to be after conducting so many test pieces in my sketchbook and processes, before getting my materials I printed out two photos of me when I was a child and me this year as a young adult to stick at the back of the etching plate to etch in, I used a rhenalon plate, etching tool, etching ink and coloured card. I did this by using different inks on coloured card plus I added Chine Collé prints of the Ghanaian Kente cloth design. After constructing so many etching pieces I picked out the two prints that I thought were the best and trimmed down the other half of the paper to combine them together. I’ve done all of this to show myself and my identity I hope whoever sees this may look at themselves and question their identity and look back on their life.