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Jack Stapley

Gravesend Station


The travel industry has been impacted with restricted services. The station has outdated buildings with limited space to allow for social distancing during peak hours, alongside increasing passenger numbers once rules are eased. This project revolves around remodelling and adapting the Gravesend train station to make it a safer space. I implement counteractive measures against spreading when using facilities and waiting indoors.


Additionally, I'm investigating disability factors to ensure its inclusiveness, the location area and history. The old layout and building design meanwhile integrating its history with modern technologies will help preserve the Victorian grade 2 listed building. My initial ideas for this design have sustainable aspects to ensure it's an efficient building and reduced environmental impacts. My work is influenced by primary research from other people's views and my own views of the site. Secondary research first of the area of Gravesend and also problems like inclusivity and adaptability of spaces. From my designs, I created CAD designs, alongside a physical model that requires CAM in the studio.