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Jade Archer



My project theme was home and I chose to explore that theme through surreal and irregular ways. I wanted to define the aspect of what a home was, without it being a physical thing. Home, for me and many others, can be found in worlds outside of our own, worlds in books and tv shows and even our own imagination and I wanted to prove the normality in something so unusual. I chose to use mainly water colour and acrylic as they are mediums I hadn’t explored as much as I wanted to in the past. I want the viewer to understand that safety isn’t always found in a place or another person, often it’s found inside ourselves and the worlds we create and imagine for our own peace of mind. It’s okay to want to escape the nuclear normalcy of our world, and sometimes we do that by reading or writing or watching a show or movie and often we’re criticized for it - told we’re wasting time, when more often than not, that “wasted time” is time we enjoyed far more than our real lives.