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James Pascoe

Fears in the Dark



My project is about a game poster with the category of horror. I have created the title/font by using carbon paper. The safest place for me is playing video games which is my “Sanctuary”. I really enjoy storyline in video games and the artwork/graphics. For my final piece I created posters, as the producers of game companies create posters for advisement. I researched different types to get ideas and found horror fonts on Google. I tested a few colours from posters on a palette to get an idea.  The materials I used were watercolour, acrylic paint, pen, pencil, felt tip, chalk, pastel and Brusho. I used all these materials in my final piece because they gave good results when I was experimenting. I found that watercolours were the best to use as a background because it spreads out more and nicely blends in. It also dries quicker.

I completed two of the horror game posters and It’s good seeing the differences. The first one is basic and blending the colours which are mainly dark to look scary and not as bright like the other one. The second was like a colourful rainbow. It is like a different type of horror category. I used a very colourful powder paint called Brusho for a background which looks like fireworks. Both pieces I think went well.

For the first darker poster I painted the background colour at the start in black watercolour paint and folded the mount board that U was painting onto. For the second colourful poster,  it was my first time using Brusho and thought it spread a bit too much, I would practice with this more but I am still happy with how it turned out. 

I am really pleased with how my final pieces turned out and doing test/experiment helped. I would like to do this again for the future.