Joshua Gourlay

Structure - Nature


In my project, 'Structure', I explored the natural structure and elements of trees, plants, and flowers. For my final piece, I created a grand handmade paper tree, made from recycled paper leftover from the paper trimmer and pages fallen out from an old nature book. The sculpture measures 48.5cm tall.


The structure of the tree was inspired by the natural installations by Henrique Olivera.  The base of the design was cut out from a cardboard box with a scalpel and embellished with natural objects including an installation of rocks and stones inspired by Richard Long and Robert Smithson. Leaves from trees surround the base of the tree with three of them painted in acrylic paint showing the primary colours. The final piece displays a combination of sustainable and natural materials creating a paper tree, which the paper originated from trees and remade into a new structure of their past home.

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