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Joshua Walters

Meadow-View Gardens



Meadow-View Gardens Is a Concept for a small new-build residential development, situated on a small rectangular plot on the outskirts of  Foots Cray Meadows in Sidcup, Kent. The Concept Proposes a total of 6 units which are divided into three two-story, terraced dwellings. The ground floor dwellings are capable of accommodating up to four bedrooms, and the slightly more compact, first-floor dwellings can accommodate up to three. A key part of the project was trying to achieve a sustainable design, the result of this being a passive solar design that uses highly insulated walls and partitions, large south-facing windows, a central Atrium and large volumes of thermal mass to absorb and store heat from the sunlight, retaining this heat within the perimeters of the building.


An airtight design was vital in order for the building to effectively prevent heat loss, an eco-efficient HVAC System is what provides fresh air to the home a recycles any heat collected from hot air  Whilst the passive home is extremely effective at heating the home in the winter months, during the summer, overhanging roof eaves provide shade to the large windows, keeping the building much cooler. Each window was a Careful place to allow enough Despite the Passive Design schemes numerous environmental benefits it also helps improve quality of life and drastically reduces running costs by up to 90% as a result of the buildings no longer required central heating system. The development aims to fit the affordable to mid-range bracket on the property market