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Liava Djaf

Architecture and interior of care home



For my finale major project, an uncle of mine, works at the, and the company is under construction to build a hospital next to the airport, which helps with covid and emergencies that accrue at the airport and near by. I had been asked to help out with the building design and inside interior such as room re-organizing and the look of the outside building. This option has the most to go into detail and can really increase my skills in architecture and interior design. the clients and company will be able to provide me with more information about the hospital and how would they'd like for me to design the place and what they would like touched and what they'd like to keep, though the hospital and newly found, the company have their plans set and would like for me to let them branch out and chip in my ideas for the designs. 
I will be investigating the hospital that is linked to an airport which I will be designing the architecture and interior of the building. due to Covid I will be adding a Covid guideline to the hospital that has extra safety measure to keep everyone protected from Covid. the airport near by holds a great volubility to the hospital, because if something where to wrong, they'd be sent to the hospital.  
I have gathered all my research pages on Kingston Dementia nursing home, which is the hospital I will be working with and incorporating my designs into the architecture and interior of the building.