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Luke Stevenson

Maxim Road Sports Park



Blurb: For this years FMP, I decided to work on an abandoned plot of land. The plots located on Maxim Road, Crayford and hasn't been touched in almost a decade. The plot was previously owned by a company called Electrobase, an engineering company that specialised in Sheet metal contracting across the southeast of England.


The factory stopped its production around 2012-2013 when the sites buildings gates all closed and a demolition team arrived to destroy the buildings. Once the buildings were destroyed however the remaining rubble seemed to of just been left on the site since.


My plan for the site was to try and build a community between Crayford's youths as I felt as if the borough of Bexley greatly lacked areas for the young people to attend to and enjoy themselves.


This made me assign the task to myself of designing a concept for this abandoned plot of land and transforming it into a sports park that includes areas for all ages but mainly having youths as my target demographic. I also wanted to design a canopy to allocate to the skatepark area I wanted to include to ensure that the skatepark can be used in all seasons and the weather doesn't stop


After a range of design processes, questionnaires and decisions be made I finalised a new design that I think would be a great feature to the local area and help build something special for the community.