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Mairead Barber

The Café in the Park



In this project I redesigned ‘The Café in the Park’ which is located within the middle of Central Park in Dartford. I am redesigning this café to be fit for post-covid, to achieve this I have put in place safety measures throughout the café and created more space to sit and enjoy what the café has to offer as safely as possible during the current circumstances.
Currently, the original design for this café is unsafe for the current pandemic and unfortunately wont be safe for a long time as I feel even post- covid we will still have to put in place these measurements to stay more safe and sanitary as coronavirus is a virus and it will not just disappear. We have to find ways to work around it.

A big problem within the original design that I was now faced with was the fact they it was too confined and this was not suitable for covid. To work around this problem I have firstly made sure got rid of the decking on the outside so I had a little bit more room within the interior of the café and that meant that I got fit more tables in that were 2 metres apart as this is the best distance to be away from other to stop the spread of covid. I also changed the type of seating inside the café to booths as these are very enclosed so there will be very little contact with others but they also don’t look out of place. I also created a roof terrace on top of where the kitchen and toilets will be that created a lot more seating that are 2 metres apart again and also more outside seating on the new decking outside.

Other measures I took to avoid the spread of covid is that everything within this café is now automatic where it can be. The doors automatically open so you don’t transmit the virus via door handles, the glass counter with the food in it is automatic and also allows you to pick up your own food and pay for it after so it avoids contact between you and the staff. The bins and cupboards are all automatic too. Finally the kitchen and toilets have been adapted too. The toilets are now all separate so they more safe and sanitary and I have made the kitchen as big as I could with the space I had so its not a tight enclosed space and I also made it into 2 sections so there is less contact between staff.

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