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Mark Davey

Memories and Fragments



The main theme of the project was Memories and Fragments, but I leaned towards the memories side and began working with people’s age and how they change. I chose the theme of age and appearance because after researching about it while looking for a theme, I became interested and wanted to look at the differences of the appearances between someone that is 10, and someone that is 50. I created my final piece by starting off tracing an image from the internet then using it to create a lino cut and eventually made that into a lino print. After I did that, I photocopied both the lino print and the traces multiple times and created a weave out of it. After I did all of that, I framed it now it was all finished. I want the viewer to learn how much your appearance actually changes as you grow older in life. Your face goes through so many changes that you might not even realise if you didn’t pay enough attention to it.