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My design is and upcycled denim street design made out of old different coloured pairs of jeans. I knew straight away that I wanted to do denim and I chose the theme streetwear because I think it would suit with the designers and artist. I researched Leonard Hilton McGur. I picked him because of his amazing graffiti! I have used his art as inspiration to my graffiti denim top. I have done this by using Lino print, appliqué or embroidery. I have also researched Vivian Westwood; I did the research on this designer because of her amazing designs off streetwear especially denim streetwear! She has amazing talent and amazing skills when it comes to texture and colour! Vivian Westwood has inspired me to do up cycled Denim Street wear clothing. Next year I am staying on to complete year 2 of the course.

Abigail Seymour


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