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For this project, I decided to pick a theme of grungy street and punk styling, using an upcycled jean jacket and upcycled tartan shirts from a charity shop, to complete create an effective garment with a clear theme, which I think I have achieved, using many techniques, such as, Lino printing, image transferring and applique. I really enjoy the way I used all my research in this piece, using my Banksy research for the designs, the Jean Paul Gaultier research for the silhouette and styling. I like how the message of Banksy’s message is also implied through my work. For my further studying after this year, I would like to continue my second year here at NKC studying fashion, so that I can get the diploma I need to go to university. And then go into teaching or into the industry to do avante garde work or costume design.

Morgan Masidlover


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