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‘Skies and Wires’ is my theme for this project. I love taking pictures of the sky and oftentimes it’s not just the sky, clouds and the moon or sun, it is also the wires across it. My artist inspiration was James Gwynne, who captures such intrusions of nature into paintings. My designer inspiration was Bethany Williams, who utilizes different materials to make clothes which conveys social messages. My aim was to design a piece in Street style and produce a practical garment. Used techniques such as weaving, applique and embroidery. Thrifted the original garment and used some found fabrics to produce more elements within the actual dress. Turning the tight-fitting denim dress into a loose long denim dress. For next year, unfortunately I will not be continuing here because I am moving back to my home country. But I am planning to do an undergraduate course in fashion design.

Sanjana Baskar


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