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My project takes influences from dystopian and military fashion while incorporating organic themes. I looked at the dystopian collection from Balenciaga and there I found the inspiration to upcycle jeans. The current creative director Demna Gvasalia is known for his sustainable techniques and use of recycled garments to make new items of clothing. I looked specifically at the jeans he’s remade and so that sparked the idea to use jeans in my piece. Along with the shapes seen in Maharishi apparel, I drafted up the idea to flip the jeans into a top. I wanted to keep the baggy sleeves as they match the utilitarian style I was going for. The appliqué detailing on the back was meant to be a broken Ying and Yang that was featured to emphasise the rough dystopian world that would be a broken society. I also added reverse appliqué panels for more distressed detailing.

Stephanie Wilson


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