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For my FMP idea, I decided to dedicate my project towards a horror theme. I felt as though this was a genre that I never really got to draw despite being a big fan of it, so it felt like the perfect opportunity. I chose to show this genre through different kinds of phobias. The 3 phobias I went with were: Thalassophobia (Fear of the Ocean/ Deep embodiments of water), Somniphobia (Fear of falling asleep) and Necrophobia (Fear of Death and things that relate to death). I wanted to portray these phobias in my own way and a way that was mostly unique. I drew these pieces in only Dark and Grey tones because I wanted it to be greyscale but included an element of red in each piece. This was something I had not initially planned but felt it brought the overall image together and definitely makes the pieces look original.

Cody Lyons

2D Artist

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