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The story of my project revolves around Bianca, a 17-year old girl who's same-aged friend, Orla, has unexpectedly gone into a coma after a bad car accident. After falling asleep by his side in the hospital, she then awakens in 'The Brain Plains,' a dream world that becomes active once someone goes into a deep sleep, while at one of the many strongholds on Earth. One of these, being the very same hospital that Bianca's friend is being treated in. She tries to save Orla from being carried away by nightmare creatures, by grasping onto his neck ribbon, but it snaps off. So she utilises the power of dreams to turn the ribbon into a makeshift tool/weapon, and throughout the trailer you’ll see Bianca and her friends exploring the dream world, taking on various enemies with their own unique means of fighting, all while trying to save their friend.

Dylan Morris

2D & 3D Artist

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