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For my FMP I animated and adapted two scenes from two different obscure novels which are favourites of mine. For the first I adapted a scene from Jin’s light novel, Kagerou Daze 1 in a daze which is from the Multimedia kagerou project series. Which is about a group of teenagers who get eye related powers on august 15th. My piece specifically focuses on Hibiya and Hiyori who visit the city for the first time and end up staying with her brother-in-law Kenjirou. However, they end up in the care of one of his students Konoha who is extremely air headed instead. My second piece is based off of Danganronpa Zero Volume 2 chapter 4 which is the prequel to the games, where Yasuke Matsuda a neurologist is trying to investigate a murder incident by questioning the only survivor Soshun Murasame whose been unresponsive ever since.

Emily Vizena

2D Artist

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