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The Jay Jansen Show follows the adventures of the titular character and his two friends Funky Fred & CJ as they embark on zany adventures with animation inspired by the rubber hose style established in the late 1920’s. The series was mostly inspired by the likes of Eddsworld, Cuphead, Peep Show and the Mickey Mouse shorts; with the target audience intended for ages 12 and up. As I had to meet a deadline for this project certain compromises had to be made towards the end, but I hope you ​enjoy, nonetheless. In this pilot episode Jay arrives in Swankyland to meet his new friends who attempt to show him around, only to be forced on a sky-high detour to the home of their rival - Spindlecrought, a petty magician/TV executive who turns every traffic light in town red to keep his pesky neighbours out of his hair (or satellite rather)!

Harrison Johnson

2D Artist

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