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My FMP is all about one idea. 3D animation. My whole idea for this year’s FMP is to create an original-looking character modelled within a 3D environment, and to animate it to dance around a disco party where friends and families attend to have the best times of their lives.

The 3D environment has a lot of details to go with it. The setting has a disco vibe to it. It has tables, chairs, food, drinks, etc., most things you would normally put on a table. There is a disco stand with music albums of your parents’ favourite music from their youth. The furniture is as colourful as IKEA products. The disco floor glows like a rainbow world that takes you on an imaginative adventure along with a robotic character who is the character who dances through a montage of demonstrated movements. The overall environment is suitable for everyone to have a good time.

Jag Bungle

2D & 3D Artist

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