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For This project, I explored Sustainable Sanitary Products and how brands aim to protect the ocean from the plastic found in high-profiled sanitary products, but also promote more eco-friendly products, tackle period poverty and the stigma around periods. Therefore, my outcome is a collection of posters inspired by DAME (a sustainable sanitary product brand) promoting their aims/morals in school, colleges and universities, to help encourage the new healthy stigma there should be around periods but also their sustainable products. With this, I also put together a sanitary product gift bag that would contain DAME’s sanitary products for students who require them due to having a lack of access to products otherwise. Wanting to pursue a career in the fashion industry, I will be attending the Fashion Retail Academy doing the Level 4 Fashion Business (with Marketing) course, learning about a variety of different skills like the business that runs behind fashion brands, advertising and communications.

Tean Ward


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