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For my FMP, I have created a new form of accommodation for ‘Centre Parcs’. The accommodation is a small-form eco-lodge that is better for the environment. To develop this concept, I conducted primary and secondary research. Using this, I created floor plans and drawings of the interior and exterior, eventually leading to a final outcome. This allowed me to translate an idea into technical drawings, 2-point perspective, rendered pieces and orthographic. Additionally, I was able to transfer my ideas into CAD, using Autodesk Fusion 360. With a 3D base, I transferred it to a 3D printer, where I created a 2-stage model to represent my design.

For my future pathway I am planning to further my knowledge by applying for Level 4 3D Design and Architecture at North Kent. My aim is to follow the route of Architecture and acquire a degree / apprenticeship.

Ryan Dixon

Architecture: Eco-Lodge For Centre-Parcs.

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