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For my FMP, I have re-designed the ‘Maternity Hospital’ in Gravesend. My design has taken into consideration the surrounding environment, using materials from neighbouring buildings to integrate within the community. My decision making was influenced by primary and secondary research, where understanding the community’s needs, through an online survey, proved that keeping the purpose of the hospital was essential. My secondary research discussed key areas which I’ve implemented into my initial development as well as my final technical designs, using orthographic, axonometric and perspective drawings. I have modelled the façade and floor plans using ‘SketchUp’, ‘Twilight’, and ‘Illustrator’.

After completing my studies at North Kent College, I will be progressing onto higher education where I have accepted an unconditional offer from the University of Kent, to study a degree in Architecture. The aim is to reach my future goal of becoming a sustainable architect.

Jack Stapley

Architecture: Refurbish Of Maternity Hospital

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