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For my FMP I have re-modelled the interior of Cosy Cottage, a bungalow in Swanley, Kent. I have changed the interior to a minimalistic / Scandinavian style, which is continued throughout. I’ve re-designed the layout so the home flows easier with a better use of space for a wheelchair user. My final design was developed from my primary and secondary research, which included site visits and questionnaires. From this research, floor plans and concepts were generated, leading to a final design-based outcome. I have completed my final design with a full-set of technical drawings, one-and two-point perspective views, isometric rendering and scale model.

For my progression route, I am planning to continue my interest in Interior and Architectural Design by working alongside designers and engineers at ‘Wood Works of Westerham’ developing my hands-on skills

Mairead Barber

Interior: Re-Modelled The Interior Of ‘Cosy Cottage’

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