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For my FMP I have re-designed Central Library, in Bexleyheath. I have changed various aspects, to both the interior and exterior. These changes were informed by my primary and secondary research, which included site visits, questionnaires and quantitative & qualitative data. From this research, concepts and technical drawings were generated, leading to a final design-based outcome. I have completed my final design with a full-set of elevations including two-point perspective, plans, and renders and for my model development I have used ‘SketchUp, ‘Illustrator’ and CAD.

For my progression route, I am planning to continue my studies in Architecture, going into university, Sept 2022. Beyond this I am intending to gain multiple industry placements as I work towards achieving a master’s degree, before starting my practise in the real world.

Thomas Fernandes

Architecture: Re-Designed ‘Central Library’

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