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My project is about bringing insecurities and disabilities to light. This is a subject that I am deeply passionate about and have a bold opinion on, so to do this I used the face and brand everybody knows as Barbie. Through the years the Barbie brand has constantly been surprising us with the display of disability’s, race, and insecurities. I sketched figures including plus sized bodies and amputees on to a wooden board. This is an acrylic piece and to add to the details, I used Prisma colour pencils to add highlights and texture to my characters. I want this piece to be bold and ‘in your face’ to show you the reality of beauty. It is not Photoshop or a filter, this is what it is to be human. And I strongly believe that we should all start to embrace ourselves for who we are and what makes us unique.

Eden Bain

‘2022 Barbie’

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