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These are my Final Piece paintings, for the FMP our project topic was ‘Home’. I created 5 paintings in which I explore the issues of pollution in our oceans, I did this by putting my Goldfish Ladybug in a range of polluted water. Painting one shows Ladybug trapped in a beer-can holder with beer-cans scattered across the seabed. Painting two shows Ladybug wrapped up in a fishing net which disrupt the ecosystem. Painting three shows Ladybug trapped inside an upside-down shopping trolly. Painting four shows Ladybug all twisted up in a plastic carrier bag with other plastic bags floating around. Painting five shows Ladybug trapped inside a plastic water bottle which has cracks in it that she got caught in. All together these pieces express the problem we have with pollution in our ocean, they are the five most pressing issues I feel need awareness raised to protect our oceans.

Jamie Jarman


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