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"I’m Henry Welton, founder and leader of the creative cooperative XPERIMMENT, archivist of ZOMBIEMOTION and multimedia artist with seven years of creative experience, from animation to painting. The finished products I am presenting summate the best outcomes in my projects for my final year at college, with my most distinctive and ground-breaking piece being a painting called Invasion from Another Hell, taking over 40 hours to produce.  

Invasion from Another Hell is an apocalypse-themed piece, set on New Avagarn, (a fictional world billions of light years away) home to the Pisceans, a race dating back over 250 trillion years, who survived the death of their home universe. This painting is a continuation of Armageddon, exhibited in Greenwich Gallery, telling of the instant before the invasion of Earth by the United Division of Beasts, consisting of the fleshy K’Opiau-Ewikab, shape-shifting Archons and Fleets of the Dead Eyes.  

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Henry Welton-Kennard


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