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The main theme of my project is ‘myself’, what make me ‘me’. My family history, what my name and second name mean, what I enjoy and dislike and who has influenced me when I was growing up, who has shaped me as a person. My final work is about my past self and the present, what I like and don’t like. As a child I watched cartoons, played with dinosaurs and dragons, enjoying drawing my versions of them. I have continued this, culminating in my three panels showing my ink pen drawings and printmaking skills. The works are about me, I have included my likes and dislikes, my art materials, my family clan totem of a wolf, my hatred of spiders. I have placed them in a triptych, paying homage to my life.

For those who see my work, I would like them to go away thinking for themselves what it is that makes them who they are, what experiences and life choices have lead them to be who they are.

Ethan McCann


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