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Jay Smith


Visiting Brighton, I came across a small fudge pantry in the middle of a busy high street. As you enter the shop, I was greeted by a view of fudge carefully made inside their massive copper cauldrons. The vintage vibe of the shop, with brown shades and a wall full of fudge, was great to see. A fudge pantry that prioritises families and the development of vegan-friendly products, both of which I felt were important to promote in the confectionery industry. In addition to Roly's Fudge being environmentally friendly, I wanted to rebrand the company using the skills I had learned since I felt their branding was outdated, both on their website and in their branding identity. The challenge for this final major project was to rebrand Roly's Fudge and create branding elements for the company that are modern by revolutionising their identity, website, and products, to help their identity look more aesthetically pleasing.

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