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Louis Packham

Challenging Fast Fashion

For my FMP, I created a brand identity and app called Prestyle which aims to tackle fast fashion by promoting creativity amongst younger audiences. Giving younger people the luxury of reinventing their wardrobe with a Clueless inspired wardrobe app, Prestyle aims to encourage buying second hand by including a shop section within the digital wardrobe. Using AI technology, Prestyle allows users to scan their clothes either into their wardrobe, or onto the shop, allowing other users to add the scanned second hand clothes into their wardrobe. One of Prestyle’s main goals is to modernise the world's view on second hand apparel by giving users the option of enhancing their outfits, only using second hand clothes. As a way of tackling the strong stereotypes behind buying second hand, I designed a modern app which shows second hand as a luxury, creating a need for adding more clothes to your digital wardrobe.

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