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Sydney Allen


I am doing my project on promoting the incorporation of Wandavision in Multiverse of madness. I want to do three outcomes, two posters and three collectible cards. This is to promote the new movie Multiverse of madness and Wandavision as showing the link could persuade people to watch. I am wanting to make my designs sustainable which I would be doing by using recyclable materials and having a multipurpose design. For my collectable cards, to make them more sustainable, I gave it two purposes which would becollectable designs and playing cards which gives a playful element that is different. For my two posters, I wanted to show links from Wandavision into multiverse of madness. I am presenting my posters in a book that represents the book of damned from Wandavision. I have kept my two-poster sustainable by considering the amount of colour and ink bleed in my designs.

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