Rebecca Magness

Red Riding Hood


The Red Riding Hood project is my newest outcome. I wanted to re-imagine the often-innocent portrayal of a scared, defenceless little girl into a warrior that goes past defending herself but into a woman that actively hunts the wolves. The clothing was entirely made out of recycled material from charity shops and buying from small businesses instead of large production businesses.


The armour ribcage is constructed from copper piping soldered and bent to resemble the bone structure, it’s then covered in Modroc and scraped away to resemble past attacks on the armour. The spikey headpiece is a representation of the ‘Red Riding Hood’ 2011 horror movie, the set design in this movie is continuous spikes protruding from every surface as protection. With this in mind I recreated this on a smaller scale with Modroc cones, screws and nails.

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