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Renee Balgova

Home - Immigration



For my work I wanted to represent my home with two countries that I live in. As you know I came to England when I was 3. I’m from a country in Eastern Europe called Slovakia and I miss my family and friends there even during lockdown. Also, I wanted to do both sides as I live in Britain, I wanted to draw just what makes it memorable because some people don’t even know where the place is, so I wanted to draw it.


On Slovak side I wanted to draw a very historical village that shows Slovak ancestry and symbols, wooden cottages that have Slovak symbols painted and are very old. I wanted to add myself in the middle with my shirt on Britain flag drawn as a British flag and On Slovak side a Slovak side and added a folk style headband. I even added a cross necklace to show that I am a Christian-Catholic and I believe in God.  For my portrait I wanted to draw in pencil, for London I wanted to draw in black Ink-Pen and black and brown paint on cottage side so that I can show what different styles I can do. I painted some stuff in Colour because I thought that it will be boring with just black and White, so I drew some colours that pop out of the pictures. So far, I see this art piece as my life even though it’s tough, but we can all get through it