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Ria Jacobs

Digital Illustrations



The main concept behind this project is starting up my own small business on Instagram that specializes in Digital Illustrations. Because I have shown great progress in digital illustrating, I decided to make my mum a Mother’s Day card with an illustration of her. Since doing this, I received requests from family and friends to complete customized images. This quickly developed into me starting my own business. You can find my work on my Instagram Page @Ri.ricreates. The goal I set myself for this project was printing more than A2 print to present. Since moving over to this course in October 2020, I wanted to make an online portfolio that sustains information on my visuals, illustrations, and other recent design projects I have taken part in. At the start of this project, I was unsure of what type of content to create so I looked on Instagram and Pinterest to gain some insight and inspiration. From this, I decided to do realistic self-portraits instead of minimalistic designs to showcase a more detailed and coherent change. I have demonstrated how I can respond to two art styles in my final pieces as I wanted to show how one of the portraits looks like a cartoon whereas the other looks more realistic, which shows how I have developed my skills overtime. Lastly, it is important for me as a designer to embody the passion I have for making illustrations through a well-directed and articulate planning.

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